Does the sound come out of the tablet, or does the keyboard/piano have its own speakers?2020-06-18T06:17:06+00:00

The sound comes out of the speakers or from the headphones when plugged into our keyboard/piano.

The ONE Light Keyboard has 1.25″x2 tweeters and 5″x2 woofers.

The ONE Keyboard Pro has 1.25″x2 tweeters and 2* (5×3) ” full frequency

The ONE Upright Smart Piano has 1.25″x2 tweeters and *5″*x2 woofers.

Do I have to buy the app to use the piano?2020-06-18T07:27:20+00:00

The ONE Smart Piano App is FREE to download and use with your iOS or Android mobile devices (including your tablets and smartphones).

And, without the app, the piano works like any other digital piano in that you simply turn it on and play!

All of the public domain content is for free – over 2000 classical masterpieces. And the systematic piano tutorial from our partner Hoffman Academy is also for free.
Only the copyrighted content, mostly pop music, is for sale from $0.99.

Will I become too dependent on the LED lights?2020-06-18T07:25:23+00:00

Our system supports learners by helping individuals play through songs first to build interest, then adding on additional skills such as reading music, hand positions, and musical expression. Muscle memory is also a big part of playing piano, so we try to help individuals find their own musical expression rather than focusing on mapping notes to keys right at the start. With our system, you’ll find faster progress in your initial learning even without the sight-reading skills. When you’re ready to play independently, you can turn off the LED lights.

How do I register for The ONE Smart Piano app?2020-06-18T07:23:14+00:00

1. Download the app from Appstore or Google Play Store.

2. Open the app, enter an email address, and create a password.

3. Enjoy!

How much does it cost to download my favorite pop songs?2020-06-18T07:19:54+00:00

Most of the music in the app are free, some of them may cost between 99 cents and $3.99.

The app isn’t seeing the keyboard, what could be wrong?2020-06-18T07:17:41+00:00

Try open a piece of sheet music and see if the icon of connection is red or green. If it is red, please try another device to see if there’s something wrong with the cable. A new cable would be needed to buy from The ONE website if so. See the icon on the upper left of the screenshot for reference.


How come I cannot find my purchased songs?2020-06-18T07:11:40+00:00

Please contact our customer service at with the following information:

1) Apple ID

2) Smart Piano App login ID

3) Name of the song that was purchased

We can recover the song that’s missing in your Purchased History

Why does my device say “Disconnected”, even though it is plugged in?2020-06-18T07:07:45+00:00

First, make sure your piano/keyboard is powered on. If your device still reads “Disconnected”, then disconnect the device and close the app. Finally, reconnect the device before relaunching the app.

Does the piano work when not plugged into a device?2020-06-18T07:06:21+00:00

Yes! Simply turn on the power and start playing.

Why don’t my speakers/headphone jack work?2020-06-18T07:04:59+00:00

(If you are able, please confirm with multiple pairs of headphones that the jack is not working)

To reset your speakers, please power down your piano/keyboard and disconnect all cables. Then, close the app on your device. Finally, reconnect all of the cables, power on, and relaunch the app. If your speakers/headphone jack is still not working, please contact Customer Support.

Can I charge my device through the piano/keyboard?2020-06-18T06:22:27+00:00

Your iOS device will charge while connected to our piano/keyboard. Your Android device, unfortunately, will not. (Android OS doesn’t support that)

What kind of devices are supported?2020-06-18T06:19:21+00:00

iOS 10+ devices

Android 5.0+,  require support USB / OTG host.


Who founded the company?2020-06-18T05:20:23+00:00

Ben Ye and Yusha He are the co-founders of The ONE Music Group. Ben is a serial entrepreneur with several exits, while Yusha is a former piano teacher!

It was inspired by an 8 years old boy, Bob, who quit piano lessons shortly after starting. As Bob’s father, a serial software entrepreneur, Ben Ye couldn’t find an existing solution to get his son excited about music learning, so he created a solution to make learning to play the piano as fun as playing an iPad game. The little boy was so excited and jumped on it and learned to play the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in just 20 minutes all by himself using the smart piano prototype (which later evolved into the world’s first and only upright, Apple MFI-certified digital piano).


Does the keyboard have weighted keys?2020-06-18T06:15:10+00:00

The ONE Light keyboard has touch-sensitive keys, not hammer-action weighted.

But The ONE Keyboard Pro, Keyboard Pro Essential, and The ONE Upright Smart Piano have Hammer-Action keys, they’re all full weighted keys, and you’ll be happy to experience that!

Can I plug the keyboard into a computer?2020-06-18T06:12:25+00:00


You can connect the keyboard to the computer by using a USB cable, and then it becomes a MIDI keyboard! If you need you can buy that USB cable from our website directly.

BTW, third-party App can use The ONE Smart Piano for MIDI input, and also turn the piano to a music and podcast creation system.

Are there certain headphones that work with this?2020-06-18T06:10:03+00:00

No, it doesn’t need certain headphones, it supports all standard 3.5mm jack headphones or external microphones, so that you can sing while you play!

Download User Manual Copy2020-06-18T06:09:18+00:00

You can download the digital User Manual copy for our products if you lost them, just click the product model/name below:

The ONE Light Keyboard


The ONE Keyboard Pro


The ONE Smart Piano

How to connect Smart Piano APP with The ONE Piano Hi -Lite?2020-06-18T07:03:51+00:00

Bluetooth Connection:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth of your smart device
  2. Ensure Piano Hi-Lite is powered on
  3. Open “The ONE Smart Piano” app, go to “My Account”>”Bluetooth Setting”, select “The ONE Piano Hi-lite” and wait until it shows “Connection”

Note: Do not connect the app via the device’s default Bluetooth function which may cause app sync issues.

What happens if I receive the product damaged or broken?2020-06-18T05:58:46+00:00

Whatever needs fixing, we are here to help! Within the first 7 days of receiving the product, we will cover the return shipping costs and provide you with a new piano. Remember to email to proceed with the return.

How much do your piano/keyboard weight, and what about the dimensions?2020-06-18T07:21:16+00:00
Product Name Package Weight (lbs) Package dimensions
The ONE Smart Piano 121 61*24*17in
The ONE Light Keyboard 18 41*18*7in
The ONE Keyboard Pro 39 58*18*9in
The ONE Piano Hi-Lite 5 60*3*3in


What is your return policy?2020-06-18T05:52:34+00:00

ONE YEAR Limited Warranty

What is Covered

The ONE Music Group warrants that its Smart Piano/Light Keyboard/Keyboard Pro/Piano Hi-Lite will be free from defects in original material and workmanship for a period of 1-year from the date purchased.

Available Remedies

This warranty runs for one year from the date your product is arrived. The ONE Music Group will, at its sole option, repair the product at no charge, with the exception that the shipping charges will be paid by the customer.

Exclusions and Limitations

The ONE Music Group warrants that its Smart Piano/Light Keyboard will be free from defects in original material and workmanship for a period of 1-year from the date purchased.


Warranty Type Warranty (month)
Piano Body Defects in Original 12
Accessories DC Charge 12
12V Data Cable 6
Gift 3

Obtaining warranty service, pls contact:


How long will it take to ship my piano/keyboard?2020-06-18T05:45:22+00:00

We may ship our products from London / Hong Kong / San Francisco warehouse based on our inventory situation. Generally, order will be shipped out within 3-5 days. Then the delivery time will depend on the distance of the shipping address. If you didn’t receive your order, please contact our support team We’ll try our best to give you a solution as soon as possible.

Do you ship to my country?2020-06-23T04:16:31+00:00

United Kingdom customer can buy from our website:

The United States and Canada customers can buy from our website:, or buy from / directly.

Australia customers can buy from our website:

Other countries can buy from our distributors or from our AliExpress Official Store.


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