User Service Agreement & Privacy Policy

In order to use the services provided by Xiaoyezi’s application and other clients or websites (hereinafter referred to as the “platform”), you should read and abide by the “User Service Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”). You must read carefully and fully understand the contents of each clause, especially the clauses that exclude or limit liability, the provisions of jurisdiction and law, and the separate agreement to register or use a service. Limitations, disclaimers, and other items that require special attention may be highlighted in bold or underlined, so please read them. Unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this agreement, you (including you and your children performing guardianship duties, persons with limited or limited capacity for civil conduct) are not entitled to use the services provided by Xiaoyezi, You should immediately stop registering and using it. You (including you and your children performing guardianship duties, persons with limited or limited capacity for civil conduct) registering and using the platform services shall be deemed that you have read and agree to be bound by this agreement.

If you are under the age of 18, please read this agreement with your legal guardian, pay special attention to the terms of use for minors, and seek the consent and guidance of your legal guardian before submitting registration, providing personal information, and purchasing services.


  1. Application of The Agreement

1.1 This agreement is between you and Xiaoyezi company regarding your use of the platform services. “Xiaoyezi Company” is the single name or collective name of the platform operator or platform owner, referring to Xiaoyezi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies [including Xiaoyezi (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.]. “User” means the user of the platform service and is more commonly referred to as “you” in this agreement.

1.2 The services under this agreement refer to the services provided by Xiaoyezi to users through the platform. Users can perform piano learning, training guidance, and other services provided by the platforms (hereinafter referred to as “this service” or “service”).

1.3 The content of this agreement also includes all the terms of this agreement and various rules that Xiaoyezi has issued or may issue in the future. All rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of this agreement.

When you use a particular service of Xiaoyezi, the service may have a separate agreement, related business rules, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “separate agreement”).

This agreement is signed by the user and Xiaoyezi company and applies to all your activities on the platform. This agreement is effective once you register or use the service.

During the implementation of this agreement, Xiaoyezi company may formulate and modify the relevant provisions and various rules of this agreement from time to time according to actual conditions and needs. Once the content of this agreement and related rules have changed, Xiaoyezi will announce the latest agreements and rules (declarations, notices, warnings, business rules, etc.) through relevant system sections or email, SMS reminders, etc., and will no longer make individual notice to users. Once the revised agreement and rules are promulgated, they will take effect immediately, which is an integral part of this agreement, and you should also abide by it. If you do not agree with the revised agreement and rules, you should immediately stop using it and stop accepting the service; once you continue to use or accept the service, you are deemed to have agreed to the revised agreement, rules and agreed to abide by it.


  1. Account and Password Security

2.1 You may need to register an account when using this service. A user account will be generated after the user successfully registered. At the same time, if the platform explicitly allows users to register or log in through their legally owned accounts, including but not limited to Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ, WeChat, etc., if the user registers and logs in to the platform using the above method, this agreement also applies to that users. The user account will record the various operations and activities of the user in the service. The user has the right to use the account, and the ownership of the account belongs to Xiaoyezi company. The user account is the unique identity of the user on the platform and is the only account for the user to log in to the platform. Xiaoyezi company uses the user’s account and password to identify the instructions. Anyone who confirms or uses the user’s account and password to log in to the platform and uses the personal account to act on the platform is deemed to be the user’s true intention and behavior. The account and password used the electronic information records generated by the login operation are valid evidence of the user’s own actions, and the user himself bears all legal consequences. The user promises to keep his account and password properly, and not to disclose personal account information to anyone else. The user agrees that it is the user’s responsibility to ensure account security. Xiaoyezi company will not bear any responsibility if the user’s account or password is leaked due to hackers, viruses, or the negligence of the user’s storage. The user agrees that the status confirmed by the service process on the platform will become the only basis and clear instructions for Xiaoyezi to carry out related operations. The user agrees that the execution time of the relevant instructions shall be based on the actual operation time of Xiaoyezi.

2.2 In order to strengthen security, when you use this service, you may use mobile phone verification code or email verification code for login verification. You should strengthen the security protection of the verification information such as the above verification code.

2.3 Xiaoyezi company especially reminds you to keep your account and password in a safe place. When you are done using it, you should exit safely. You may be responsible for hacking or password theft due to your improper storage.

2.4 After the user uses the user account to log in to the platform, according to the relevant rules of Xiaoyezi Company, the various operations performed by the user account ID on the platform by clicking confirmation or similar methods are deemed to be the user’s true wishes and operated in the user’s own name, with laws effect. Users should keep their account information such as their accounts and passwords in a proper manner. All operations performed by the user through the foregoing methods are legally binding on all parties. Users must not use the account information such as their account passwords for theft or other reasons to deny the authenticity of related operations and legally binding.

2.5 In the process of platform registration or receiving services, you shall provide personal correct, complete and effective information (including real name and various related materials) as required by the platform. If any information provided by you is inaccurate or unclear, and any party suffers any delay or loss, you shall bear corresponding responsibility. If the personal information you provide changes, you should promptly notify Xiaoyezi company to change it in a timely manner. If you fail to notify and change in a timely manner, which leaves Xiaoyezi Company unable to contact you, which will affect your services, you shall bear your own responsibility.

2.6 If the user does not log in to the account for a long time (such as 90 consecutive days) after registering the account, Xiaoyezi company has the right to recycle the account to avoid wasting resources, and any losses caused by it are borne by the user.


  1. How to Use the Service

3.1 You shall use the service in a manner provided or approved by Xiaoyezi. In addition to this agreement, if you have signed other written documents with Xiaoyezi about how to use the service, you should also comply with it.

3.2 The rights you have obtained in accordance with the terms of this agreement cannot be transferred, divided, shared, leased, cooperated, etc.; you must not sell, transfer, share, or rent the services provided by the platform without the written permission of Xiaoyezi, otherwise, Xiaoyezi company has the right to suspend the provision of the service and request correction, or to terminate the service directly without any responsibility.

3.3 When you use the products or services provided by third parties on the Xiaoyezi company’s platform, in addition to complying with this agreement, you must also comply with the third-party user agreement.

3.4 In using this service, you shall abide by national laws and regulations and relevant local laws and regulations, and respect local morals and customs. If your behavior violates national laws and regulations and local laws and regulations or ethics, you should be solely responsible for this.


  1. Provide Services Based on Platform

4.1 The services provided by Xiaoyezi company through the platform are only software licenses and platform network services. You can obtain related services through the platform website or platform client software.

You should understand that you may need to prepare terminal equipment related to related services (such as computers, modems, mobile phones, smart pianos, piano hi-lite and other devices) and bear the necessary costs (such as phone charges, internet fees, etc.).

You understand and agree that your use of this service will consume resources such as your terminal equipment and bandwidth.

4.2 You shall not use plug-ins, or third-party tools that are not authorized by Xiaoyezi company to interfere, destroy, modify or exert other influences on the services under this agreement.

4.3 Because Xiaoyezi mainly relies on software to provide services to you, you should also observe the following agreements:

4.3.1 During the use of this service, you may need to download, install, and run the platform client software. For these softwares, Xiaoyezi company gives you a personal, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and non-exclusive license. You may use the software only for the purpose of accessing or using the service. This license is limited to your non-commercial use, you should install and use the platform client software on a single terminal device. You may make one copy of the software for the purpose of using the software and services for backup purposes only. The backup copy must contain all copyright information contained in the original software.

4.3.2 In order to improve the user experience, ensure the security of the service, and the consistency of product functions, Xiaoyezi may update the platform versions such as software to optimize the user experience. For example, if users receive prompts for platform versions such as software, they must update them as soon as possible. If the update involves a fee, you may need to pay for the update. If you do not update in a timely manner, the platform versions such as the software you use may not work properly and maintenance will be stopped. If the service cannot be used normally because you have not updated it in time, Xiaoyezi company will not bear any responsibility.

With regard to partial updates, Xiaoyezi has the right to update the software or to change or limit the effects of some functions of the software without special notice to you. After the new version of the software is released, the old version of the software may not be available. Xiaoyezi does not guarantee that the old version of the software will continue to be available and corresponding customer service. Please check and download the latest version at any time.

4.3.3 Xiaoyezi company may develop different software versions for different terminal devices. You should choose the software version that matches the installed terminal device from Xiaoyezi company and its authorized third parties according to the actual situation. If you obtain the software or an installer with the same name as the software from a company that has not been authorized by Xiaoyezi and its authorized third parties, Xiaoyezi cannot guarantee the normal use of the software and will not be liable for any losses caused to you.

4.4 The intellectual property rights of the hardware equipment (if any) provided by Xiaoyezi in this service belong to Xiaoyezi. The product hardware has system, memory, configuration, aging, and other limitations. It may be non-faulty or cannot be used normally over time. If the hardware is unavailable, please contact Xiaoyezi company for advice and guidance. You may be required if necessary complete the hardware update (replacement) at your own expense (such as the hardware is not under warranty, the hardware is not covered by the warranty, etc.).


  1. Push Notifications

5.1 You agree that Xiaoyezi company may send you advertising, promotion or promotional information (including commercial and non-commercial information) (collectively referred to as “Push Notifications”) in the process of providing services by itself or by a third party in cooperation, and the method and scope can be changed without special notice to you.

5.2 Xiaoyezi may provide you with the option to turn off push notifications, but at any time you agree that you will not believe that Xiaoyezi does not provide the aforementioned shutdown function and infringe your personal privacy or other legal rights.

5.3 Xiaoyezi company fulfills its related obligations to third-party partners in accordance with the law. You should determine the authenticity of the push notifications yourself and be responsible for your own judgment. Except as expressly provided by law, your transaction or for the loss or damage suffered by the aforementioned third-party partner, you shall be responsible for the transaction based on the push notifications, and Xiaoyeye will not be liable.


  1. Paid Services

6.1 Some of the services provided by Xiaoyezi company are provided on a fee basis. If you use fee services, please abide by the relevant agreements and rules. The specific information such as the content and price of the paid service shall be subject to the information published on the platform and the order information placed on the user account. For paid services, if you do not pay in time, you will not be able to use these paid services.

6.2 Xiaoyezi company may modify and change the charging standards and methods of paid services according to actual needs, and Xiaoyezi company may also start to charge for some free services. Before the aforementioned amendments, changes, or charges start, Xiaoyezi will make a notice or announcement on the corresponding service page. If you do not agree with the above modifications, changes or paid content, you should stop using the service.


  1. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

7.1 Unless otherwise stated by Xiaoyezi, the platform website, software, hardware and other information materials on the platform (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video, graphics, exercises and teaching modes, songs, scores, song lists, interface design, layout framework, etc.) trademarks, copyrights, patent rights and other intellectual property rights or other legal rights are owned by Xiaoyezi Company. The intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests of the above and any other content contained in this service are protected by law, and no one may use or create related derivative works in any form without the written permission of Xiaoyezi company.

7.2 Information about “The ONE”, “Xiaoyezi”, and the names, product names, font sizes, domain names, trademarks, service marks, LOGOs, brochures, audio and video information of Xiaoyezi and its related companies all rights in and related rights belong to Xiaoyezi and its affiliates, you must not use them in any way without the written permission of Xiaoyezi. You must not, under any category, apply for registration or registration of the aforementioned, including but not limited to any trademarks, service marks, and any other type of intellectual property rights, related to Xiaoyezi company and its affiliates.

Xiaoyezi is the original author and copyright owner or related rights owner of the content or operating model of the relevant product. Without written authorization, no one may copy, adapt, extract, disseminate or use other unauthorized ways to use the relevant course content or operating model, otherwise, Xiaoyezi will be held responsible for relevant infringement.

The signing of this agreement does not mean that Xiaoyezi company agrees you to use the image of Xiaoyezi company’s trademark and Xiaoyezi company’s brand spokesperson (portrait, picture, video, information, etc.). If you need to use it, please get the written permission of Xiaoye Company in advance.

7.3 Without the written consent of Xiaoyezi company, you must not use the intellectual property rights of Xiaoyezi company (owned by Xiaoyezi company or licensed by a third party) and other rights in any way by yourself or by a third party for any reason. Xiaoyezi company has the right to terminate this agreement immediately and unilaterally and has the right to claim compensation for all losses (including but not limited to economic losses, investigation and evidence collection costs, notarization costs, lawyer fees, etc.).

7.4 You must not engage in any of the following activities except with the written permission of Xiaoyezi company:

(1) Delete the copyright information on the software and its copies.

(2) Reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling, or otherwise trying to discover the source code of the software.

(3) Use, lease, lend, copy, modify, link, reprint, compile, publish, publish, establish mirror sites, etc., the contents of intellectual property owned by Xiaoyezi company.

(4) Copy, modify, add, delete, and suspend the data released to the memory of any terminal during the software running process, the interaction data between the client and the server during the software running process, and the system data necessary for the software running, to run or create any derivative works, including but not limited to using plug-ins, or third-party tools/services not authorized by Xiaoyezi to access the software and related systems.

(5) By modifying or falsifying the instructions and data during the operation of the software, adding, deleting, changing the functions or operating effects of the software, or operating or disseminating the software or methods used for the above purposes, whether or not these acts are commercial purpose.

(6) Log in or use Xiaoyezi software and services through third-party software, plug-ins, systems not developed and authorized by Xiaoyezi company, or make, publish, or disseminate third-party software, plug-ins, systems not developed or authorized by Xiaoyezi company.

(7) Other acts that infringe on the copyright of Xiaoyezi software.

(8) Infringement on the legal rights such as copyright, patent rights, trade secrets, and technical solutions of Xiaoyezi company.

7.5 Without the written consent and authorization of Xiaoyezi company, the user shall not in any way provide the platform technical data, trade secrets and other confidential information and information learned from the conclusion or execution of this agreement to any third party or to a third party disclosure or unauthorized use. If the user violates the foregoing agreement, Xiaoyezi has the right to terminate this agreement immediately and request the user to compensate for the losses.

7.6 If the platform allows users to post comments, experiences, upload pictures, etc., the service belongs to the platform to provide users with information storage space. The user’s behavior only indicates the user’s personal position and opinion and does not represent the platform’s position or opinion. For any disputes caused by the content published by the user, the content publisher shall bear all legal liabilities. At the same time, for the content published by the user, the user agrees to grant the platform a permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and global use authorization and sub-authorization for free. The platform can be used for platform operation and promotion purposes; If a third party copies or illegally uses the content posted by the user, the user agrees that the platform has the right to perform rights protection processing (warnings, complaints, reports, claims, etc.).


  1. Responsibility

8.1 You must abide by laws and regulations when using this service, and you must not use this service to engage in illegal acts, including but not limited to:

(1) Publishing, transmitting, disseminating, and storing contents that endanger national security and unity, undermine social stability, violate public order and good customs, insult, defamation, obscenity, violence, and any content that violates national laws and regulations.

(2) Publishing, transmitting, disseminating, and storing content that infringes on other people’s intellectual property rights, trade secrets and other legal rights.

(3) Maliciously fabricating facts, concealing the truth to mislead and deceive others.

(4) Publishing, transmitting, and disseminating advertising and spam information.

(5) Other acts prohibited by laws and regulations.

8.2 If you violate the provisions of section 8.1, the relevant state authorities or agencies may file a lawsuit, fine or take other sanctions against you, and ask Xiaoyezi to assist them. If your actions cause damage, you should pay compensation according to law, and Xiaoyezi company will not bear any responsibility. If Xiaoyezi company suffers losses, you should also pay compensation.

8.3 If Xiaoyezi company finds or receives reports from others that the information you posted violates the provisions of section 8.1, Xiaoyezi company shall have the right to exercise independent judgment and take technical measures to delete, block or disconnect the link. At the same time, Xiaoyezi has the right to take measures including, but not limited to, suspending or terminating the service, restricting, freezing or terminating the service, and investigating legal responsibilities, depending on the nature of the user’s behavior.

8.4 The user guarantees and promises that any material information uploaded or released through Xiaoyezi company is true and valid; the user promises not to use Xiaoyezi company services and content for any illegal purpose or channel, and to comply with all laws and regulations related to Xiaoyezi company services and other normative documents; users promise not to use the platform to collect, inquire, and solicit personal information, contact information and financial status of other users of the platform; users promise not to use any illegal methods, for any illegal purpose, or use the software and related services in any way inconsistent with this agreement; users promise to perform their obligations strictly in accordance with this agreement. For the losses and consequences caused by the breach of the above commitments, the user bears full responsibility on his own, and has nothing to do with Xiaoyezi; if he causes losses to Xiaoyezi, the user bears full liability for compensation.

8.5 If some of the users’ behaviors or statements in Xiaoyezi company are illegal, untrue, inappropriate, violate the relevant agreement, violate the interests of Xiaoyezi company, etc., Xiaoyezi company has the right to delete the user directly in Xiaoyezi company based on independent judgment. The above acts or speeches made on the right, have the right to take measures such as suspension or cancellation of the account or suspension, termination, restriction of users’ use of Xiaoyezi company’s services, without the need to notify users, and bear no responsibility. If any damage is caused to Xiaoyezi company, the user shall be liable for compensation.

8.6 The user promises that he will not publish unfavorable statements about Xiaoyezi company and related to Xiaoyezi company for any reason, and prohibit malicious attacks, otherwise Xiaoyezi company has the right to protect its rights and interests by various means at any time and ask users to stop infringing, restore reputation, eliminate impact, apologize on influential media in the industry, compensate all losses, etc.

8.7 In accordance with this agreement, if you need to compensate Xiaoyezi for losses, the scope of compensation includes, but is not limited to, economic losses, attorney’s fees, announcement fees, investigation and evidence collection fees, litigation costs and other costs. In response to such compensation obligations, Xiaoyezi has the right to deduct the corresponding amount from the paid amount that the user has paid but has not yet used, and the remaining part can be claimed by the user separately.

8.8 The employees and co-teachers of Xiaoyezi company are important supporting forces for the survival and development of Xiaoyezi company. Users must not persuade, request, or invite the employees or cooperative teachers of Xiaoyezi company to terminate or terminate the service relationship with Xiaoyezi company in any way. Or persuade, request, or invite the employees or co-teachers of Xiaoyezi company to accept any position provided by the user himself or other individuals or organizations introduced by the user (regardless of formal, part-time, or temporary organized activities). If the user violates, the user shall bear the liability for compensation for breach of contract with Xiaoyezi company. The compensation amount shall be twice the annual salary or remuneration of the previous year of the position of Xiaoyezi company where the above personnel left.

8.9 If Xiaoyezi company agreed in this agreement to cause losses to users, Xiaoyezi company shall bear the corresponding liabilities for breach of contract.


  1. Privacy Policy

9.1 Protecting user personal information is a basic principle of Xiaoyezi company.

9.2 In the process of registering an account or using the service, you may need to fill in some necessary information. If the information you fill in is incomplete, you will not be able to use the service or be restricted during use. Some of the services of Xiaoyezi require users to complete identity authentication and other necessary procedures according to Xiaoyezi’s requirements to enjoy. If the user cannot enjoy the service because he has not completed the necessary procedures such as identity authentication, Xiaoyezi will not bear any responsibility.

9.3 In general, you can browse and modify the information you submit at any time, but due to security and identity considerations, you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided during registration.

9.4 Xiaoyezi company will not transfer or disclose your personal information to any unrelated third party unless:

(1) Relevant laws and regulations or requirements of courts and government agencies.

(2) Transfer for completion of a merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer, or

(3) This agreement otherwise agreed or necessary to provide the services you requested.s

9.5 Xiaoyezi company takes the protection of minors’ personal information very seriously. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you must obtain the written consent of your parent or legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as the “guardian”) before using the services of Xiaoyezi company.

9.6 The user agrees that Xiaoyezi company may place various commercial information or any other type of information (including but not limited to placing advertisements on any page of Xiaoyezi company) in various ways in the service provision process, and the user agrees to accept Xiaoyezi company sends product promotions or other related business information to users via email or other means.

9.7 In any case, the responsibility for the related services provided by a third party in the use of the service of Xiaoyezi company, shall be borne by the third party, and Xiaoyezi company shall not bear such responsibility. The user is responsible for any loss or liability caused by the failure of Xiaoyezi company’s services due to its own reasons or any errors in the provision of the service. Xiaoyezi company is not responsible.

9.8 For the personal information provided by the user and collected by Xiaoyezi company and certified, Xiaoyezi company will adopt industry standards and practices to protect and use or disclose in accordance with this agreement and relevant rules. Unless specifically agreed in this agreement, Xiaoyezi company will not maliciously sell or share user profile information to any third party. However, due to technical limitations and hacking, Xiaoyezi company cannot ensure that user profile information is not leaked.

9.9 In order to better understand the actual situation of users and provide more appropriate services to ensure the security of transactions, users agree that Xiaoyezi and its affiliates can inquire and collect relevant information of users (such as Personal information, credit information, etc.), you can automatically track the user’s relevant information according to the behavior of the user on Xiaoyezi, and you can use data collection devices such as “Cookies” on the Xiaoyezi’s website.

9.10 The user agrees that Xiaoyezi company may verify user information (including but not limited to personal identity card information, etc.) by itself or through a cooperative third-party organization, and conduct operations such as viewing, using, and retaining the obtained verification results.

9.11 When Xiaoyezi company uses the user’s personal information for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement, providing services, resolving disputes, and ensuring security, it is not necessary to inform the user. In order to prevent users from engaging in illegal and illegal activities through Xiaoyezi, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Xiaoyezi and other users, Xiaoyezi has the right to review user data, and to manually review and evaluate user profile information through manual or automatic procedures. Xiaoyezi company’s evaluation of user information according to actual conditions can be used for reference by other users and cooperative partners.

9.12 The user agrees that Xiaoyezi company can analyze and research and use the user’s personal information for commercial purposes in order to provide better, more complete, more convenient and effective services, and improve the relevant business level of Xiaoyezi company. Without disclosing the user’s privacy information, Xiaoyezi company has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database.

9.13 The information provided by the user to Xiaoyezi company (including the information provided and generated before the signing of this agreement) and the user information obtained by Xiaoyezi company itself can be used by Xiaoyezi company and third parties commissioned by the service to provide services and recommendations products, except those prohibited by law.

9.14 Xiaoyezi company may provide user personal data to judicial authorities and government departments and other competent authorities in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and regulatory policies. If the user fails to fulfill his due obligations in accordance with this agreement, the relevant rules of Xiaoyezi company or related agreements signed with other users of Xiaoyezi company, Xiaoyezi company has the right to disclose the user’s personal information and the facts of breach of contract. Xiaoyezi company has the right to write the above information on the website blacklist and share data with any third party, or report to the credit information system, or publish it through any form of media. There will be no legal liability for any losses caused to the user by Xiaoyezi company under this situation.

9.15 In this service activity, users have no right to ask Xiaoyezi company to provide other users’ personal data.

9.16 The user agrees that after the termination of the agreement relationship with Xiaoyezi, Xiaoyezi will still have the right to continue to use all the information of the user while using the services of Xiaoyezi.

9.17 The user agrees to permit Xiaoyezi company to use free of charge the videos and sound recordings, videos and photos involved in the user’s enjoyment of related services in the promotion and promotion of its related services and other activities deemed appropriate by Xiaoyezi company, and its image can be used by Xiaoyezi company, users will not be restricted by the promotion and promotion of platform services, and will not receive relevant compensation. However, Xiaoyezi company promises not to use images with user portraits for slander, obscenity, obscenity, or other illegal purposes.

9.18 For more detailed and specific privacy policies, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” published by Xiaoyezi company.


  1. Termination of Agreement and Account Cancellation

10.1 Based on the security and legality of the service (such as that the user’s personal data does not have authenticity, legality, validity or completeness, or there are abnormal transactions, or there is a violation of this agreement or the rules, or other small leaves companies believe that there risk situation), based on independent judgment of the company, Xiaoyezi has the right to change, suspend, interrupt or terminate the provision of some or all services to users without prior notice, temporarily or permanently freeze (cancel) the user’s account, and Information such as registration data is removed or deleted without any responsibility to the user or any third party.

10.2 The user shall not terminate this agreement without written consent of Xiaoyezi company.

10.3 When the user violates this agreement and its related rules, or the user violates relevant laws and regulations, regulatory policies, or the user infringes on the legal rights and interests of others and is requested by the relevant right holder, or the judicial authority and other competent authorities, Xiaoyezi has the right to terminate this agreement, close user accounts, or restrict, suspend, or terminate users’ use of some or all of Xiaoyezi’s services by means of site letter, email, WeChat, QQ, etc. without any responsibility. However, the suspension, termination, and restriction by Xiaoyezi does not relieve the user of the obligations that have not been fulfilled under this agreement.

10.4 When the user decides not to use the user account anymore, he shall fulfill all obligations and responsibilities, and apply in writing to Xiaoyezi company for cancellation of the user account. After the Xiaoyezi company’s review and approval, the user account may be officially cancelled. If the user’s account has not been cancelled through the above-mentioned formal methods, the user still has to bear all responsibilities during the use of Xiaoyezi company’s services. After the user’s account is cancelled, the contractual relationship between the user and Xiaoyezi company based on this agreement is terminated, and Xiaoyezi company has no obligation to disclose any information in the cancelled account to anyone.

10.5 When necessary, Xiaoyezi company has the right to terminate the provision of user account services without prior notice, and may immediately suspend, close or delete the user account and all relevant information and files in the user account, and leave the user in these accounts The legal funds (if any) are properly handled in accordance with this agreement and related rules.

10.6 Suspension, interruption or termination of the user’s account does not represent the termination of the user’s responsibility. The user shall still be liable for possible breach of contract or damages during the use of the service of Xiaoyezi company, and Xiaoyezi company can still maintain the relevant information of the user.

10.7 If a user uses a third-party website account to register a Xiaoyezi company user account, the third-party website account corresponding to the Xiaoyezi company user account shall have legal use rights. If the user loses the right to use the third-party website account for some reason, then Xiaoyezi company can stop providing services for the user account.


  1. Force Majeure and Other Disclaimers

11.1 You understand that Xiaoyezi company needs to perform maintenance or maintenance on the platform website and related client software or related equipment on a regular or irregular basis. If the network service is interrupted within a reasonable time due to such circumstances, Xiaoyezi company has no responsibility for this, but Xiaoyezi company will notify in advance.

You understand and agree that Xiaoyezi company will use its commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the security of your data storage in the platform software and services, but Xiaoyezi company cannot provide guarantees in this regard.

11.2 You understand and agree that the services provided by Xiaoyezi company are provided in accordance with the current state of the art and conditions. Xiaoyezi company will do its best to provide you with services to ensure the continuity and security of the service; however, Xiaoyezi company cannot always foresee and prevent legal, technical and other risks, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, Trojans, hacking, system instability, third-party service defects, government actions, policies and other reasons may cause service interruption, data loss, and other losses and risks.

When the above situation occurs, Xiaoyezi company will try to repair it in time, but the damage caused to you will be exempted to the extent permitted by law.

11.3 To the extent permitted by law, Xiaoyezi company shall not be responsible for any service interruption or obstruction caused by the following situations, or any materials that are generated or delayed, inaccurate, erroneous or omitted during transmission:

(1) Damaged by computer viruses, Trojans or other malicious programs or hackers.

(2) The computer software, system, hardware, and communication lines of the user or Xiaoyezi company have failed.

(3) Improper user operation.

(4) The user uses the service in a manner not authorized by Xiaoyezi company.

(5) Other circumstances that Xiaoyezi company cannot control or reasonably foresee.

11.4 You understand and agree that in the process of using this service, you may encounter risks brought by network information or other user behaviors. Xiaoyezi company shall not be responsible for the authenticity, applicability, legality of any information, The infringement is responsible for the damage caused to you. These risks include, but are not limited to:

(1) Treatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal content from others anonymous or impostor.

(2) Suffer any misleading, deceptive or other psychological or physical injury or financial loss caused or misleading by others as a result of using the services under this agreement.

(3) Other risks caused by network information or user behavior.

11.5 You understand and agree that this service is not designed for certain specific purposes, including but not limited to nuclear facilities, military uses, medical facilities, transportation and other important areas. If the above operations fail due to software or service, the personnel injury, property loss, environmental damage, etc. will not be held legally by Xiaoyezi company.

11.6 If you violate relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement, or if Xiaoyezi company is required by law or the competent authority, Xiaoyezi company has the right to suspend or terminate the services provided to you without notice.

Xiaoyezi company obtained the right to deal with illegal content in accordance with the agreement. This right does not constitute an obligation or commitment of Xiaoyezi company. Xiaoyezi company cannot guarantee the timely discovery of illegal acts or corresponding treatment.

11.7 Under no circumstances should you trust a loan, ask for a password, or other network information involving property. For property operations, please verify the identity of the other party and handle it with caution.


  1. Changes, Suspends and Termination of Services

12.1 Xiaoyezi company may change the content of the service and may also interrupt, suspend or terminate the service.

12.2 You understand and agree that Xiaoyezi company has the right to independently determine its business strategy and has the right to change, discontinue or terminate some or all of its services (whether it is free or paid services) at any time according to the business operations. If the service changed, suspended or terminated is a free service, Xiaoyezi company does not need to notify the user, and does not need to bear any responsibility to any user or any third party; if the changed, suspended or terminated service is a paid service, Xiaoyezi company will notify in advance and provide corresponding compensation or other alternative services to the affected users.

In the event of major changes such as mergers, divisions, acquisitions, asset transfers, changes in business models, etc. of Xiaoyezi company, Xiaoyezi company reserves the right to unilaterally discontinue service and terminate this agreement after independent judgment, or to transfer related assets under the service to a third party without notice. Xiaoyezi company will transfer some or all of the services under this agreement to be operated or performed by a third party and notify you.

12.3 If any of the following situations occurs, Xiaoyezi company has the right to interrupt or terminate the services provided to you without notice:

(1) According to the law, you should submit true information, and the personal information you provided is not true, or is inconsistent with the information at the time of registration and fails to provide reasonable proof.

(2) You violate the relevant laws and regulations or the agreement of this agreement.

(3) In accordance with legal regulations or requirements of competent authorities.

(4) For security reasons or other necessary situations.

12.4 Xiaoyezi company has the right to charge according to the provisions of section 6 of this agreement. If you fail to pay in full and on time, Xiaoyezi company has the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the provision of services.

12.5 You are responsible for backing up the data stored in this service yourself. If your service is terminated, Xiaoyezi company can permanently delete your data from the server, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations. After the service is terminated, Xiaoyezi company has no obligation to return or provide data to you.

12.6 Xiaoyezi company can transfer all or part of the rights and obligations related to Xiaoyezi company’s platform to Xiaoyezi company’s affiliated entities or other third parties without the user’s consent. Without Xiaoyezi company’s prior written consent, the user shall not transfer any of their rights and obligations under this agreement.


  1. Terms of Use for Minors

13.1 If the user is under the age of 18, he is a minor and should read this agreement and use the service under the supervision and guidance of a guardian.

13.2 Guardians and schools should give more guidance to minors when using this service. In particular, parents should be concerned about the growth of their children, pay attention to the communication with their children, and guide their children to pay attention to safety issues to prevent problems before they occur.


  1. Jurisdiction and Application of Law

14.1 The establishment, entry into force, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China (excluding conflict of laws).

14.2 This agreement was signed in Chaoyang District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

14.3 If there is any dispute or dispute between you and Xiaoyezi Company, it shall be settled through friendly negotiation first; if the negotiation fails, you agree to submit the dispute or dispute to the jurisdiction of the people’s court where the agreement is signed.


  1. General

15.1 The headings of all the terms of this agreement are for convenience only, and have no actual meaning in themselves.

15.2 No matter what the terms of this agreement are partially invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms are still valid and binding on both parties.

15.3 Xiaoyezi company may transfer all or part of the rights and obligations related to Xiaoyezi company to a third party without user consent. Without Xiaoyezi company’s prior written consent, the user shall not transfer any of their rights and obligations under this agreement.

15.4 Xiaoyezi company’s notice to the user and any other agreements, notices or other notices about the user’s use of the user account and services, the user agrees that Xiaoyezi company can use Xiaoyezi company’s system announcements, emails, mobile text messages, and wireless communication devices and other electronic means or regular mail delivery, such notice shall be deemed to have been delivered to the recipient on the day of sending. If the user fails to receive such notice on the day when the aforementioned notice is issued due to information transmission and other reasons, Xiaoyezi company will not be held liable.

15.5 Users should provide their true, up-to-date, valid and complete personal information, and they should properly maintain and update their personal information (especially the common email address, common contact phone number, common contact address, postal code, etc.) to ensure that true, up-to-date, effective, complete, and secure. When personal information such as contact information is changed, it should be updated within 3 days.

15.6 The matters not covered in this Agreement shall be handled in accordance with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the relevant rules and operating guidelines published by Xiaoyezi company.

If you have comments or suggestions about this agreement or this service, you can contact the customer service department of Xiaoyezi company, and we will give you the necessary help.

To the extent permitted by law, the final interpretation right of this agreement belongs to Xiaoyezi company.

15.7 The user’s confirmation by clicking on this agreement or by registering or using this service shall be deemed that the user agrees to this agreement, this agreement shall take effect immediately, and this agreement shall have legal effect between the user and Xiaoyezi company. This agreement will be retained in the Xiaoyezi company’s platform system in the form of electronic files and will be used as the basis for both parties to perform and follow. There may be multiple language versions of this agreement, including Chinese and English. If there is any conflict between the Chinese version and other language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

(End of text)




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