By Joseph Szadkowski – The Washington Times – Thursday, November 22, 2018


Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – Best in learning and edutainment


The One Pro

What is it? An educational, electronic piano keyboard

Gift group: Devotees of Bach and Chopin in the family

Santa’s scoop: The One Music Group gets serious with its latest keyboard offering a full-sized, heavy-duty musical instrument for those wanting to learn to play the piano.

The keyboard offers a generously loud pair of speakers and a full, normal-sized 88 keys with graded hammer action that replicates the type of response found when playing a classic acoustic piano.

The magic arrives after downloading the free One Light app and hooking up the keyboard to a computer tablet (Android or Apple) via a USB connection (cables included).

Now owners can attempt to conquer thousands of songs via interactive sheet music by following LED lights above each key that illuminate to hit the correct combination of keys and stay lit until the notes or chords are played.

The app also features nine video lessons, a deeper dive into playing a dozen songs, more than 100 “Guitar Hero”-like rhythm games and sheet music to thousands of more songs.

The keyboard features a grand piano tone sample, but an additional 88 onboard sound choices and almost another thousand can be enacted from the app.

Additional ports on the back of the keyboard include an output to plug into sound systems, sustain pedal jack, headphone jack, microphone input and a MIDI output.

Up and running in minutes — literally plug in tablet, tap the power button and use volume dial to turn up volume or choose a sound — the One Pro makes it easy to learn classics such as “Auld Lang Syne” and Beethoven’s “Turkish March.”

Of course, simply pushing keys in tandem to lights will not make someone a virtuoso. Dedication and a simmering devotion to practice will only allow new players to master the instrument.


The only bummer is the keyboard does not come with a stand and many of the songs on the app need to be purchased for such ditties as Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz” or the Beatles’ “In My Life.”

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